Responsible investment

Antin is a long-term investor committed to using environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles as a tool for value creation, in terms of both mitigating risks and seizing opportunities. The cornerstone of our Responsible Investment (RI) Policy hinges on integrating ESG considerations into our investment process. Throughout the investment cycle, engaging in ESG matters allows us to diminish business risks, increase the financial results of our portfolio companies, achieve higher valuations and, ultimately, meet our fiduciary responsibilities.

We also affirm that awareness of ESG topics amongst employees and stakeholders produces a real and positive change in the way people work. Establishing and maintaining trusting relationships with all actors in the investment process is of key importance to us, and going hand-in-hand with this notion is our belief that being a good corporate citizen is good business practice and creates long-term value for our investors.

For these reasons, ESG values continue to be one of the core aspects of our overall investment strategy and remain a priority in our investment committees, at portfolio review committee meetings, and in discussions with management, boards, and investors.

Our 2021 Responsible Investment Policy can be found here.









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