Antin holds final close on inaugural NextGen fund at €1.2 billion target

30 November 2023

The new investment strategy focuses on the next generation of infrastructure and has already made five investments

Paris, London, New York 

Antin Infrastructure Partners, one of the world’s leading infrastructure investment firms, announces today that it has successfully held the final closing of its first NextGen infrastructure fund at its €1.2 billion target.

With new trends and technologies rapidly reshaping the infrastructure landscape and ushering in a new era that is greener, smarter and more distributed, Antin’s NextGen investment strategy addresses the ever-growing need for capital to support the next generation of sustainable, scalable and connected infrastructure in Europe and North America. NextGen is Antin’s third investment strategy, complementing its existing Flagship and Mid Cap investment platforms, which both focus on established infrastructure businesses.

NextGen’s inaugural fund takes a multi-disciplinary approach to this significant opportunity and has already made five investments that demonstrate the fund’s forward-looking investment strategy. These include two EV charging platforms (Powerdot and RAW Charging), two smart grid platforms (SNRG and PearlX) and a first-of-its-kind tyre recycling joint venture with Enviro and Michelin.

Antin’s new NextGen fund is backed by fund investors from Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, including both long-time existing Antin supporters and new investors. Antin’s dedicated NextGen team is based in Paris, London and New York and works closely with Antin’s wider investment team.

Alain Rauscher, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated: “Our NextGen fund opens an important chapter in Antin’s history of pioneering new infrastructure segments. With the world entering a period of significant transformation powered by emerging technologies and changing societal priorities, it is clear that these forces are already having a profound and lasting impact on tomorrow’s infrastructure landscape. We see a highly attractive and actionable opportunity for Antin to be an early leader in this area and help shape the next generation of sustainable and connected infrastructure. We are very pleased to have reached our target fund size in today’s market and thank our fund investors for partnering with us on this important initiative.”


About Antin Infrastructure Partners

Antin Infrastructure Partners is a leading private equity firm focused on infrastructure. With over €30 billion in assets under management across its Flagship, Mid Cap and NextGen investment strategies, Antin targets investments in the energy and environment, digital, transport and social infrastructure sectors. With offices in Paris, London, New York, Singapore and Luxembourg, Antin employs over 220 professionals dedicated to growing, improving and transforming infrastructure businesses while delivering long-term value to portfolio companies and investors. Majority owned by its partners, Antin is listed on Euronext Paris (Ticker: ANTIN – ISIN: FR0014005AL0).


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